Water for Haiti

In 2008, we were looking for an opportunity for our church to get involved in something that would truly make a difference in peoples lives. Through an interdenominational mission's trip to Haiti we found that opportunity. There is no doubt about it, Haiti has a tremendous amount of needs. One we did not quite comprehend was the need for clean water.

Years ago, churches from the States went through countless cities and villages digging wells and providing clean water for the people of Haiti. Over the years these same wells have broken down and are no longer yielding life-giving fluid. Without clean water to use, Haitians bathe in dirty, diseased water...the same water to cook with, drink from, and water their crops. Using this dirty water only compounds and multiplies the health problems that the Haitian people have to deal with.

In Haiti, contaminated water is the leading cause of infant mortality and illness in children. Hepatitis, cholera, and chronic diarrhea are diseases carried in the water that is used for cooking and drinking. Nearly every water source in Haiti has become contaminated with human waste because of the absence of a sewage sanitation system. However clean water is there, and it can provide health to these precious children. It just takes some time, equipment, and resources to get to it.

As we traveled all over Haiti we found the remnants of wells needing to be repaired. In March of 2008, we fixed 14 wells and provided enough water so that over 150,000 Haitians are now able to drink, bathe, cook, and water their crops with clean water. The only reason we stopped at 14 is because the project simply ran out of money.

The project is also partnering up with an Orphanage in Dessalines, Haiti, to teach young men how to fix these wells so that they are not relying on us to save them. If we can fix, educate, lead, and help the Haitian people in this manner, we feel that we will have accomplished a great deal.

If you are interested in supporting this project and providing a fundamental need of life to a thirsty nation, please contact the church and talk with Pastor Chad Brown or send your check to Cornerstone Church marked specifically "Haiti Outreach". Or simple click donate and you will be directed to a secure giving site.